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If you’re posting about viruses on the Mac, think before you post

Mac OS X viruses and trojans | creativebits:

“I’m sick of anti-virus companies reporting on supposed OS X viruses and trojans.

The latest anti-virus company expressing its greed was Intego, who reported about an OS X trojan that is supposedly out in the wild redirecting unsuspecting browsers to fake sites stealing their credit card info. Woo-hoo!”

So what Ivan is saying is that Intego shouldn’t have reported this, because it makes anti-virus software? Or that, in reporting it – clearly and accurately, with the details of how it works there for all to read – it is being “greedy”?

I’m sorry, but calling Intego “greedy” because they’re alerted the Mac community to a potential threat is just silly. Intego have done nothing wrong here. They haven’t put out a press release; they haven’t made any over-the-top claims; they haven’t tried to portray the malware as a huge threat. They’ve simply described it, and let people make up their own minds.

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