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Bad customer service, good customer service

For Apple Stores, Mac repairs aren’t a great money-spinner, which perhaps explains why Thomas Hawk has been having a lot of fun getting his MacBook Pro fixed at his local Apple Store. Overall, the experience wasn’t good, but one point did shine out:

“This would have been an even more frustrating experience *except* for the fact that the security guard at the Apple store last night was amazingly helpful. While I was dealing with the failed store credit he approached me and asked if it was ok if he set my youngest daughter Katie (she’s three) up on the Mac with Dora the Explorer. Within a matter of minutes he had all of my kids engaged and interacting with the display Macs. Katie LOVES Dora. That was really appreciated and helped take the edge off of the trouble I was having with the checkout a lot.”

Whoever that security guard is, he ought to be getting a nice bonus from his Apple store right now – because it’s these kinds of actions which help save a company’s reputation.

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