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Anyone getting this bug in Leopard Mail?

Bug in Mail.pngFor some reason, Apple Mail is showing two versions of the "On My Mac" folders. It’s not two seperate versions – only one set really exists – but they’re listed twice. Anyone have any ideas?

UPDATE: Thanks to both Paolo and Michael in the comments below for giving a fix – all you need to do is grab the duplicate "On my Mac" folders in the sidebar and move them somewhere else (say above junk mail). They then disappear.

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  • http://profile.typekey.com/mattw/ mattw

    No… but it did crash and then deny all knowledge of 2GB of mail archives (not a problem because of backups, but still alarming). You can move aside ‘Envelope Index’ in ~/Library/Mail and that forces an index rebuild–try doing that.

  • http://profile.typekey.com/ianbetteridge/ Ian Betteridge

    Unfortunately, that didn’t help – in fact, I now have *three* versions of “On My Mac” folders on there!

  • http://stefpause.com/ ManxStef

    Hmm, strange one. Perhaps take a look at the commands here? –


    Don’t forget to quit Mail.app, and back up ~/Library/Mail, first. I’d have thought Leopard’s Mail data would have auto-vacuuming turned on, but I’ll have to wait for my new shiny MacBook to arrive before I can investigate.

    I’d say go for the bold tactic and delete all Envelope* files from ~/Library/Mail. Then reopen Mail, wait till it’s rebuilt the index, quit Mail and run the sqlite3 PRAGMA integrity_check test.

    (So pretty much what mattw said, but explicitly deleting the indexes.)

    Oh, and check the Bundles folder for incompatible extensions. I’d move everything in there to “Bundles (Disabled)” until you’re certain each one is Leopard compatible.

  • Michael Trezza

    Yes! This is happening to me too and it’s a huge pain to deal with. The inconvenience comes from there doesn’t seem to be any ogic to which of the folders is actually working. Sometimes the first one is operational and the open/close triangles work and sometimes its the second one… fun fun

  • Paolo

    Good News!

    I had the same bug and found your page while looking for a solution.

    I tried the methods above and didn’t succeed.

    Finally the magic happened: I clicked on the second “ON MY MAC” occurrence and dragged it to try to move it in the column…. and suddendly it disappeared.

    Now everything is ok again!

    Best regards


  • Michael Trezza
  • http://profile.typekey.com/ianbetteridge/ Ian Betteridge

    Thanks to both Paolo and Michael for solutions!

  • http://www.cyclelogicpress.com Partners in Grime

    Mail has been working well. No separate versions.

  • Antoine

    Hi all, I have had the same problems ever since I upgraded. I played with the ~/Library files, recreated the mailbox… to no avail.

    Just followed the simplest advice (move the ON MY MAC folder) in thoses posts, and it worked.

    Thanks a lot, it made my day.