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Why synching sucks (or not)

Dave Winer doesn’t like synching:

“I think synching is a bad idea, but Apple’s mobile technology is built around it. I dislike synching. I want my devices to go straight to the cloud, both ways. My podcast player should have a built-in podcatcher. And my podcast recorder should also be a publisher. 

Seems unlikely that Google’s phone will depend on synching. It will be more Dave Winer-compatible than the iPhone is.”

The thing is that it’s not an either/or. There’s no reason why you can’t have multiple machines synching local copies of cloud-based resources, allowing you to work online and off without any issues.

Think Plaxo. Think Google Gears. Yes, even think some of Apple’s technology. The iPod was a winner because synching was seamless and largely faultless.

Synching done right can be a major plus on top of cloud-based computing. Done wrong (and I’m looking at you, ActiveSync) it’s a major pain in the behind.

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