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Two important points about the iPod touch

Apple Reactions: The Future of Wireless Audio and Video – Bits – Technology – New York Times Blog:

“Here’s more evidence of Microsoft’s lack of leadership. Less than a year ago it introduced a $299 Wi-Fi enabled music player. Microsoft knows a bit about operating systems and browsers. It has developed a mobile operating system for years. Yet the Zune has none of the interesting features of the $299 iPod Touch.”

As Bynkii put it on Twitter, “That’s why they’re Apple and Microsoft is your lame uncle harold in a leisure suit and penny loafers hitting on college chicks.”

“The Starbucks gimmick may be the start of something important too. Take your iPhone or iPod Touch into a Starbucks store and it will add a new button to the front screen. Push it and it will tell you what song is playing in that store and allow you to buy the track. Starbucks can be first with this sort of application because it is already wired for Wi-Fi, and the music application is a natural. But of course your phone or other wireless device will start to ping you with information — wanted or otherwise — as you move through the commercial world. Vendors have been talking about wireless coupons, etc, for years, but here it starts.”

Oh yes. Other companies have tried this kind of thing before – I seem to remember there being a radio you could buy in the US which let you press a button when a track was playing and download it later – but you know that when Apple does it, it’s going to be seamless and simple and just work the way you expect it to.

First the iPhone and now this. It’s been a long time since Apple has done things which make me drool like a fanboy.

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