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Google and CapGemini

The big news of the day in the world of technology is the alliance between CapGemini and Google. This means that CapGemini, a major company in the world of outsourcing, will offer Google Apps as part of its portfolio, basically offering Google a big fillip in the business world.

Microsoft is clearly taking this one seriously – as Mary Jo Foley points out, the company actually issued a statement about the move, which it very rarely does about a competitor’s actions.

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  • http://stefpause.com/ ManxStef

    Might be worth indicating that the press release link’s a PDF, Ian? (It just caught me out a little, is all.)

  • Anonymous

    Erk! I didn’t actually notice it was – I was browsing on Safari 3.0 beta, which renders PDFs in the browser and doesn’t actually mention the fact that it’s a PDF!