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DNA hope offered to the McCanns

Link: BBC NEWS | UK | DNA hope offered to the McCanns.

The inventor of DNA fingerprinting has offered to act as an expert witness in the Madeleine McCann case.

Sir Alec Jeffreys said DNA matches alone did not establish guilt and all Madeleine’s genetic characters would be found in at least one family member.

I hope that Sir Alec will be making the same offer to the hundreds of people in the UK convicted every year because of "infallible" DNA evidence.

When looking at this case, I’m reminded constantly of one simple fact: according to the NSPCC, nearly 80% of child murders are committed by the parents. Given that fact alone, the police would be negligent if they weren’t investigating Mr and Mrs McCann very closely indeed, and regard them, in the absence of other evidence, as the main suspects in the case. No matter how painful that might be, it’s simply a fact.

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  • http://www.ts0.com Thom Shannon

    He shouldn’t have to if he chose a good test case and was able to set a precedent.

    The whole “expert” witness thing kind of falls apart though when the witness has an interest in proliferating the theory, eg Roy Meadows