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What’s the whole Scoble-bash really about?

Robert Scoble’s theory about social media supplanting search was wrong, for a whole lot of reasons.

But that doesn’t give people carte blanche to attack him. Attack the guy’s ideas. Nothing else is relevant, whether it’s his tone, his personal appearance, his previous posts… hell, I don’t care if Robert has dubious personal hygiene.

What matters is his idea, and talking about it. What you reply to is his idea. Anything else is just an ad homine attack, and says more about the ignorance and rudeness of the person making the statement than it does about Scoble.

Sadly, there’s a significant part of the internet community which values rudeness and ignorance far higher than politeness and ideas. They call it "pushing back", or "fighting back", or "sticking it to them" or "blog pile-ons" or whatever. But whatever you call it, it’s just ignorance. It just means "I really don’t have anything valuable to say, so I’m going to call you a bozo, so other people will think I’m cool". Or it means It’s the language of the playground – even down to some people having "enemies".

Enemies? Over words on the internet? Once upon a time, having an enemy meant being at odds with another country, one which wanted to enforce their way of life upon you, or just kill you. Now it means someone whose words you don’t like… although often, you’re too ignorant to articulate why you don’t like them beyond calling you a rude name.

So, Robert, if you read this: forget them. Carry on trying out new ideas, and don’t be afraid to be wrong. Don’t be afraid to be a bozo. Because if even one in a hundred of the ideas you try out is right, you’ll be doing better than the people who’s only contribution is to hoot and call other people names.

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  • http://scobleizer.com Robert Scoble

    Thanks! I’ll keep putting ideas out there. Some, I’m sure, will be better than others.