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The genius of American beauty queens

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  • http://mythoughtsonstuff.com Leon

    It’s obvious why people are bashing her so. People don’t use old fashioned maps anymore. It’s all about the GPS now.

  • http://stefpause.com/ ManxStef

    The first time I saw that I did laugh and was shocked at how poor her response was. I must admit, though, I do feel sympathy for her, speaking in front of a large audience — plus millions of viewers — must be incredibly stressful and difficult, and create the potential to make a fool out of even the most gifted intellect. Gameshows are a classic example of this: look at all the stupid things average people say and witness how people’s minds go blank when put under hot studio lights in front of Chris Tarrant. I’m hesitant to be judgemental as a result, in regular circumstances she may come across as a perfectly normal, reasonably intelligent girl.