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Microsoft Watch – Vista – Broken Windows

Joe Wilcox gives Windows Vista a term report – and finds its performance wanting:

“To be absolutely, unequivocally clear, major analyst firms like Gartner, IDC and NPD say that Vista has had no perceptible impact on PC sales. None. A successful operating system would create PC sales pull. Vista is anything but. Microsoft can spew off about license shipments all it wants—now more than 60 million for Vista—but counting means little when the majority of PCs ship with the operating system anyway. That’s not a customer choice, but the option presented to buyers.”

I have to agree with Joe. I’ve been using Windows Vista a little more often lately, as I had to transfer my iTunes library to the Vista machine (it has a bigger hard drive, for the moment, than the Mac). Vista isn’t bad, but it’s too complex and there are too many issues with it – months after release, graphics drivers are still only in beta from some manufacturers.

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