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Dave Winer replies to Robert Scoble on Facebook threatening Google

Dave Winer has written a postresponding to Robert Scoble’s video essay on why Facebook, Techmeme, Mahalo and other social applications threaten Google’s primacy in search, and makes some very good points.

Dave also makes the following point about Facebook:

“The idea that Facebook is an Internet within the Internet, something Time said today, that probably is a big threat to Google. I think you weakened your story by dragging Mahalo and TechMeme into it. The reason Facebook is interesting is that unlike Google it’s built on identity, it’s built on everyone being identified, and people having one identity (although it’s certainly possible to have more than one, it might be hard to get a lot of people to recognize that identity, people with a lot of ‘friends’ may be more trustworthy than people with very few). Facebook may be on a different ladder than Google is. I’m sure Google is all over this from every possible angle, so we’ll find out shortly.”

I really don’t think that Orkut is Google’s last word on social networking. It’s recently had an upgrade which makes it much nicer to use, incidentally, and if you haven’t yet checked it out it’s worth a look. Once Google starts to tie Orkut into the rest of the Google universe – Blogger, Gmail, Picasa, etc – things might start to look a little different, especially if it then goes on to build bridges between Orkut and Facebook through applications and APIs.

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