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Virgin ditches mobile TV service

Virgin ditches mobile TV service | | Guardian Unlimited Business:

“Virgin Mobile has decided to dump its broadcast mobile TV service after less than a year because of poor customer take-up.
The mobile phone operator’s partner on the project, BT, is ending its experiment with mobile TV and disbanding its BT Movio business that was supposed to take mobile TV into other countries. It has also cancelled its contract with GCap Media, the radio business that owned the spectrum over which the service runs. The service is likely to be switched off completely early next year.”

I’m not exactly surprised by this. First of all, the phone you could use with it wasn’t exactly the prettiest thing you’ve ever seen, and – as the iPhone has proved beyond doubt – pretty phones are popular. Secondly, there’s never been much demand for mobile TV in the UK, as the makers of all those tiny TVs in the 1970’s and 80’s could tell you. Not even TV on a watch sold well.

(Disclosure: I work on the BT account at Redwood.)

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  • Simon

    I spoke to Russell Wilkes about this and he pointed me in the right direction.