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Today in Second Life – 31 July 2007

The grid instabilities which have been plaguing Second Life for about a week rumble on, with speculation that it’s been caused by griefing, a previously-sighted bug, and just about everything else. Prokofy Neva blames the Patriotic Nigras, calling them “Leninists“, amongst other choice words.

Added to this, there’s been something of a financial meltdown going on, with virtual exchange WSE being hit by a run of scandals and lack of confidence. This, in turn, seems to have hit Ginko’s, the long-running banking system which, it turns out, is a major investor in WSE. Add into the mix the fact that many casino owners have left in the game in the wake of the banning of gambling, and you’ve got a financial system which has taken quite a pounding.

Meanwhile, in the more controlled part of the Second Life blog world, Wired editor in chief Chris Anderson explains “Why I gave up on Second Life” – largely, it seems, because of a lack of measurable metrics. Wagner James Au responded with a fantastic post detailing all the “long tail” effects that Anderson’s own book appearance in SL got him – thousands of page views of the transcript, for one. Anderson’s retorts since then seem more than a little weak – 1-0 to Au, I think.

Good news from Terra Nova: IBM’s metaversal crew, Roo Reynolds and Ian Hughes, will be guest blogging there during August. Both are extremely smart chappies, and I look forward to the results.

And, finally, if you’re an architect in Second Life, you can now find a Google calendar of events related to architecture here.

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