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The evils of FeedBurner?

Why Feedburner is trouble:

“So now someone at Google ‘owns’ Feedburner and all their feeds. And they could, if they wanted to, change the feeds to another format, overnight, without asking anyone. Reader software might have trouble working with it. They would say ‘Oh but the new feeds work better with Google Reader, and that’s the one most people use.’ And by the way, more and more that’s true these days. But what about other feed suppliers? Do they have to change to work with Google Reader? They will say no, but there may turn out to be practical reasons why they must.”

And I could switch my feeds away from FeedBurner within a week. I don’t understand what Dave’s problem is – it’s not like anyone is forcing you to use the service. I use it because it gives me some interesting stats which otherwise I wouldn’t have, and sometimes down the line I’ll be able to insert, once a day or so, a target ad into my feed. Big deal.

UPDATE: Over on Eye on Winer, commenter Tom comes up with the best explanation for Dave’s concern:

What I bet keeps Dave up at night is the fact that Google could turn all the RSS feeds to Atom feeds and no one would give a damn. Suddenly there are more Atom feeds than RSS feeds and Dave’s beloved (and possibly largely manufactured) legacy starts to go down the drain.

I don’t think they’d actually do that… but clearly, that wouldn’t sit well with Dave!

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