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Macworld: Mac Word: The best Mac quarter, ever

Macworld: Mac Word: The best Mac quarter, ever

What did it take for this to happen? Try this one on for size: in the past three months (April, May, and June 2007) Apple sold more Macs than it has ever sold in a single financial quarter. Ever.

I remember the days not that long ago when Apple was bumbling along selling 750,000 Macs per quarter… and that was a good quarter. I really must dig out the spreadsheet that I put together showing Mac sales and revenues going back to 1994 some time.

The big win, as Jason rightly points out, is laptops:

In early 2005 Apple was selling less than a half a million Mac laptops per quarter. But in this last three-month period, the company sold 1.1 million MacBooks, the most laptops Apple has ever sold in a single quarter. In the past year 61 percent of all Macs sold have been laptops (back in early 2005, the numbers were reversed — 60 percent of Macs sold in the first quarter of 2005 were desktops).

That’s a pretty astounding number, and one that Apple is to be congratulated on.

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