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Moving blogs

For some time now, I’ve been intending to move my blog to my own domain (www.ianbetteridge.co.uk, or www.technovia.co.uk) and in the process move from Typepad to WordPress. This move isn’t because of unhappiness with Typepad – it’s a great service, and I’d thoroughly recommend it to virtually anyone – but simply because I want to integrate my blog into some other projects that I want to host on my site. Also, as someone who is supposed to know something about technology (don’t laugh at the back there) I think it’s time I delved into hosting my own stuff again.

Hence, this blog is now officially moved to www.technovia.co.uk, and you should update any bookmarks and so on. This site will remain as an archive, although I’ll also ultimately import the posts from here over there. If you’re subscribed to this site via FeedBurner, you shouldn’t need to do anything – FeedBurner should automatically point you to the new feed. However, if you’re still using the old direct RSS, you’ll need to resubscribe.

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