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Blogging vs MSM Hogwash

With the amount of busy time I have at the moment, it takes something to actually rouse me to blog. Jason Calacanis, who really should know better, manages it:

"Kudos to Sean Bonner for stepping in and standing up for Xeni (and bloggers breaking news everywhere) when Washington Post journo Brian Krebs cribbed her story WITHOUT CREDIT."

Except that Sean Bonner’s post and the comments that have followed have demonstrated that he was, in fact, pretty much completely wrong. My friend Quinn provides a timeline that shows that BoingBoing, Wired, and Brian Krebs were working on the same story pretty much at the same time. The original source has confirmed that everyone had the story legitimately and independently. As Quinn puts it:

"These three reporters are ethical people that have my respect and admiration, and I’ve been in touch with everyone giving them my point of view."

Sean Bonner, on the other hand, comes out looking like a complete idiot. Not only has he libelled Brian Krebs – accusing a reporter of plagerism is a very serious matter likely to affect their professional standing – but he’s continuing to stick to his guns in an incredibly weasel-ish way. Had Bonner simply apologised, I’d be giving him kudos for having done so. Instead, he’s still trying to tarnish the reputation of someone who clearly has done nothing wrong.

And this raises a larger point: If bloggers want to be taken as seriously as mainstream media, they need to hold each other to the same standards they demand of MSM, which includes criticising their own when they get it wrong and asking for apologies too. By congratulating Bonner for "calling out" (yuck, hideous Americanism) Krebs, Calacanis is making a foobar. He should know better than to shoot first and ask questions later.

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  • http://www.seanbonner.com Sean Bonner

    Jason made a new post about something that ended several days ago, as I noted on his blog and as I’ve said on mine and several others it’s clear at this point that Krebs did not steal anything from Jardin, as several people including myself initially suspected. However the fact that the article on BoingBoing came out a day before the Washington Post, and Krebs himself has admitted that BoingBoing broke the story means that the initial claims that he should have linked to, or at least mentioned BoingBoing are still just as valid. And likewise I’m still just as skeptical of his claims that he didn’t read the BoingBoing story. Like your friend Quinn I’ve been in touch with people on all sides of this since before I ever wrote anything and everyone is sick of it at this point. It’s a shame people keep bringing it up and asking people to repeat things they’ve made clear several days ago.

  • http://technovia.typepad.com Ian Betteridge

    But Sean, that still leaves you needing to apologise. You called him a plagiarist – not only with little evidence, but with NO evidence. You claimed “Way to plagerize there bub”, and you still have not apologized for that. Plagiarism is a serious accusation, one that you failed to justify, and you need to apologise if you’re to retain credibility.

  • http://www.ambivi.com Wes McGee

    Who the heck is David Krebs and why does he have his own Technorati tag?