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Link: Apple, Security, and Trust | securosis.com.

The iPod virus infections shows a lack of capability (security QA in shipping products) and poor communications (failure to take full responsibility). It’s a very small problem, but their arrogant approach to spinning the story lead me to question how they might respond to more serious issues. We have, over the course of a couple months, two incidents where Apple decided to play the PR game rather than taking responsibility and communicating openly. I realize those of you that still believe the wifi hack was BS probably believe Apple dealt with the situation reasonably, but for reasons I can’t disclose I still think PR overrode good security practices.

As Rich says later on, "I really REALLY don’t want to see them go the way of other vendors who put PR in charge of security."

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  • http://www.bynkii.com John C. Welch

    There’s nothing to “still believe” with regard to the wifi hack. Maynor and Ellich spun it like a top to make a name for themselves, yet never offered proof to anyone reputable in the Mac community, like say, Alan Oppenheimer or Glen Fleischmann.

    Drawing that into the virus stupidity is just flogging a dead horse because he’s still pissed it lost.