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The wit and wisdom of crowds

All from The Blotter.

5 years ago ,,we had the Chandra Levy scandal..now the Jon Benet Ramsey case is all of sudden red-hot again…more media diversion,while the NWO does their dirty work?

Posted by: NC | Aug 21, 2006 2:23:37 PM

Ain’t nothing better than a conspiracy theorist. Surely we can tie in the contrails? But then again, "Paul Cash" is prepared for anything:

I’ve got my own personal protection in the form of a Glock! I’m not afraid of any Noe-con or Islamic terroist!

Thankfully, "Joe" has faith:

it really is a shame, but i have a savior and
all who oppose Him and His chosen will face Him one day and beg for
mercy. Christ is God.

I’m sure someone will pull him up on that last comment, theologically speaking. "George" on the other hand, brings us some positive thinking…

With world events spinning out of control,
people every where need to stop asking where fault lies and look to
themselves for positive change needed for the survival of humanity.

…and then goes off the rails.

the bottom of the fight is global energy resources, as I am led to
believe. One answer to avert crisis is-google E85. It’s moonshine that
can be used to run some cars that are referred to as Flexfuel. This
fuel can be made easily by each of us and may save the world. The
consumer is driving this war not the leaders, and the consumer can
change the outcome, that’s you.

"Elizabeth" blames the lefties:

In WWII we boarded up the Japanese when we were
at war with Japan. Today we are at war with islamo fascists….&
yet we permit all mosques to remain open. We are doom ourselves because
of our policital correctness & socialistic policies. We should
board up all mosques & put the entire ACLU on trial for sadition.
Maybe then we’ll be a little safer.

Boy, I feel safer with Elizabeth there, batting for the Good-Old-USA! Hopefully, she’ll never meet "Stew" who says:

I think Ahmadinejad is cute.

It’s the beard, isn’t it?


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