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Lasadh: I hate mommy bloggers

Sherri posts on her BlogHer experience as a non-mother in I hate mommy bloggers:

Seriously. I’ve spent one evening in San Jose (and BlogHer hasn’t even officially started yet) near a handful of obnoxious "mommy bloggers" and I already want to rip their fucking ovaries out.

Having been married to a woman who didn’t want kids, and who was constantly angry at how the media (and other women) portray the childless woman as somehow not a "real woman", I completely understand where Sherri’s coming from. And some of the comments are amazing: one numb-nuts even accuses Sherri of "hate speech"! The simple equation that being a woman is not equal to being a mother seems to pass these idiots by.

UPDATE: Just to make it clear, I’m not in any way criticising BlogHer
itself. Judging by the posts, some
people seem to have enjoy it and got a lot out of it, while others had
a less positive experience. Given that I wasn’t there, I would be well
out of line criticising it – and, to be honest, given that the
conference was a space for women bloggers and (last time I checked) I wasn’t
one, it would be churlish of me to do so.

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  • http://lasadh.com Lasadh

    I’m still amazed by the amount of attention that post has generated.

    I have nothing against motherhood, but I also feel that it’s not the single greatest human accomplishment, ya know?

  • http://www.allpointsdvd.co.uk Chris Brennan

    Cuts both ways. All Lasadh has done, in my opinion, is vent in the other direction. She feels very strongly about motherhood and said so. Which is exactly what the peoplee she was with were doing. Lasadh makes a much more pertinent and thoughtful argument here in one line than the whole of the rant she had on her blog. Women should be outraged at how they’re portrayed in the media full stop.

  • http://twopointouch.com Ian

    Really interesting coverage (over the last few posts) on the “fallout” from the conference, Ian.

    Let me put it to you, though, that if there were a BlogHim conference (God forbid), people would spend more time blogging the content of the conference than the backchat?

    Check the technorati search (http://www.technorati.com/search/blogher) on BlogHer. Men talking about women. I think the alleged sexism of the male attendees isn’t really the highest priority for coverage.

    Obviously, I’m contributing to that emphasis right now, though…

  • http://livefromblogdahd.blogspot.com/ W F

    I find the level of self-absorption appalling. There seem to be a larger number of crazy mothers out there lately…