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Joe Wilcox on Writely

I’ve been using Writely, the rather slick online word processor, since before it was acquired by Google. Joe Wilcox signed up for the service over the weekend, and he’s impressed:

Make no mistake, Writely offers all the basics and easily can meet the “good enough” threshold for many consumers or small businesses. Writely fully responds like a desktop application, even though all writing and formatting takes place in a Web browser. There is a right-click context menu for the insertion of formatting or photos and copy, cut and paste. The functions are well organized in the menu bar, and they are task oriented. There also is a “Collaborate” function and another to “Blog.” Not surprisingly, Google’s blog service is on the list, but not Microsoft’s.

You should, in fact, be able to blog from Writely to Live Spaces – both support the MetaWeblog API. But it’s no surprise that Google is making it a whole lot easier to blog to Blogger.

Interestingly, Joe compares Writely to Windows Live Writer – a nice, non-obvious comparison.

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