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Google CEO jumps on Apple board

Passed on without comment…

Google CEO Dr. Eric Schmidt Joins Apple’s Board of Directors [Apple press release on Yahoo]

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  • http://bowblog.com Steve Bowbrick

    Does anyone remember when Jobs came back to Apple after his years in the wilderness and spent his first year or two at the old firm taking no salary and owning no equity and nobody could figure out why but everyone sort of vaguely thought it was because of his practically genetic bond with Apple and his love for the product and his passion for personal computers… and then… after a while… he quietly took a grant of Apple equity larger than ever before seen in American corporate history? Not sure why I raised that in this context. As a twenty+ year Apple user I suppose I sometimes feel a bit used… :->

  • Keith Jones

    Eric Schmidt is the biggest Mafia puppet in the US. He is bad news for apple users. http://endmafia.com