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Bye Bye Classic

As Chris Adamson notes on O’Reilly’s Mac DevCenter, the release of
the Mac Pro means that Classic, the system that allowed Mac OS X to run
old Mac OS 9 software, no longer runs on any new Macs. Chris asks the
question of whether this actually matters:

Of the really important apps I used in Classic, most
have been Carbonized (Graphic Converter, Quicken, Mariner Write, etc.),
so even if they’re not Universal Binaries, Rosetta can do an on-the-fly
recompile into x86 and they run. And a few others got Carbonized, but I
moved on (goodbye, Internet Explorer, hello Safari and later Shiira).

There are, however, a couple of applications that need Classic and
that have yet to find an adequate replacement: most notably, Outlook
for Mac. While Entourage makes a great stab at working with Exchange
Server, it still lacks a couple of the features of Outlook – most
notably, support for shared calendars. This could still be an issue in
the future.

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  • http://www.ruffly.org/ Andy Ruff

    As of Entourage 11.2 (2004 SP2), there is support for shared calendaring in Entourage.

  • Eric

    The #1 application that lack of Classic kills (for me and all technical writers) is Adobe FrameMaker. Adobe stopped supporting FrameMaker for Mac’s last year after failing to move it to Mac OS X. There is no viable alternative for FrameMaker other than FrameMaker for Windows. If my PowerBook ever dies, it will be time to but a used PowerBook/Mac rather than any Intel based Mac.