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Sorry – which century am I in?

Dave Winer goes to BlogHer, and comes back refreshed Scripting News Annex:

I think it was Scoble who said he wished college had been like this. Amen. The ratio was great, probably 20-to-1 women to men. And these weren’t ordinary women. They were (as Ze likes to say) hard chargers…

Some adjectives: They were good-natured, friendly, flirty, exceptionally beautiful, smiling, and glad to see guys like me there.

They are beautiful babes, but not like like booth bimbos, more like Thelma and Louise. So you got a great ratio, and they’re smart and driven, but that’s not all — they’re also bloggers! Which means I don’t have to explain what blogging is.

That sounds you hear is my jaw hitting the floor. And not because I’m dribbling at all the "babes" that Dave wishes had been at his college. How the hell can anyone, in the 21st Century, churn out this crap?

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  • http://aplacetosleep.blogspot.com/ Jane

    Yeah I saw this on Kim’s blog as well, I’m gobsmacked it’s patronising crap. Next he’ll be saying that we can type faster because of our little fingers.

  • http://www.ambivi.com Wes McGee

    but remember, the internet is only in its first century. It’ll probably take 2000 years for Dave to not be shocked that women really do exist on teh internets. (misspellings for comedic effect).

  • http://profile.typekey.com/fuzzygerdes/ Fuzzy Gerdes

    And this is the tiniest part of what’s wrong with Dave’s post, but a “hard charger,” in the world of Ze Frank’s The Show, is NOT a good thing.

  • http://technovia.typepad.com Ian Betteridge

    Having never watched Ze Frank, I had to look it up on the Urban Dictionary, from which I culled this:

    “2. A term used on Ze Frank’s daily vlog “the show” for some politicians or other people pretty much deemed as not cool.

    The usage of the term of calling one a ‘hard charger’ is equivalent to calling that person an ‘asshole’, typically.

    According to Ze Frank, Hard Chargers are the enemy of Sports Racers, the term he uses for his veiwers. Despite the fact that those who race in motorsports, at least, are often hard-chargers by the first definition of the word. This irony is probably intentional.”

    So Dave is saying they were assholes? LOL