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Scobleizer – Tech Geek Blogger � Where was Google?

Scoble wonders Where was Google? – apparently, the company did nothing at Gnomedex this year.

"See, this is what Google did so well in the early days: it learned from its users and set a “cool and trustworthy tone” by showing up to small events and listening to users."

But, as Robert notes, everyone was using Google there. Robert is, as you might expect, overestimating the importance of small events in the lifecycle of a product and company. Google’s user base has now grown well beyond the geeks that it served only a few years ago. When Google was attending the likes of Gnomedex, the audience were representative of its user base.

Now though, everyone uses Google, and the needs of an customer base that large are very different to those of a small company. It no longer needs to appeal to early adopters. Could Google learn anything more from the Gnomedex crowd? Maybe. Could it return enough to make a return on the investment of going? Probably not.

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  • http://scobleizer.wordpress.com Robert Scoble

    Um, I totally disagree. You’re certainly right about the search engine. But Google isn’t a search company, it’s an advertising distribution company.

    And, what does an advertising distribution company need? To find new audiences.

    Look at the market shares of all of its other properties. They suck.

    That’s cause they aren’t showing the geeks their other cool things anymore like they once did.

  • http://technovia.typepad.com Ian Betteridge

    Google video’s market share sucks? I’d say that’s not true…

    But fundamentally, Robert, I think you’re missing the point: the needs and desires of a small bunch of geeks doesn’t equate to the needs of lots of people.

    For a good Google example of this, consider Orkut, which was madly popular with the geek crowd initially. But it wasn’t popular with the MySpace crowd – and MySpace has never been popular with the sort of people who go to Gnomedex.