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Phishing gets more sophisticated

Microsoft Monitor: Not Going Phishing.

Overnight, I got a disturbing phishing e-mail, which unsettled my morning.

The e-mail, allegedly from Barclays International, warned that there was an attempt to access my account from an IP address that didn’t correspond to my mailing address. I knew the e-mail was bogus for two reasons: I don’t have a Barclays account and I couldn’t see how the institution would associate an IP and physical address.

My freakdom: The email had my correct home address.

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  • http://moolies.zoonies.com Cait Hurley

    Ew! I don’t like that.

    Don’t come home after dark!

  • What is Phishing?

    That’s the scariest phishing email I’ve ever heard of. You should definetly report it to whatever athorities you have in your country.