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iPod vs MP3 phone – Apple losing

Tomi Ahonen has been taking a beating from the rabid Apple fans for his analysis of the portable music player market, despite the fact that his numbers and premise are completely sound (Tomi replies to the more reasonable comments at this post. Please don’t bother posting any comments here with out at least reading this).

To summarize: Apple’s market share in the portable music player market is slipping drastically as more people buy and use phones capable of playing music.

What leaves me shaking my head, though, is the comments on the page where Tomi replies to earlier comments – which repeat the same arguments that he’s just responded to. I sometimes wonder if using the internet rots your brain, leaving you incapable of reading.

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  • Ronald

    I think Tomi Ahonen’s article was misleading. People talk on phones and listen to music with MP3’s. I’m sure there are many times more phones that have a built-in calculator function than there are calculators sold. That doesn’t mean you count all phones sales in as calculator sales. His whole article is baseless. Given that I still expect Apple to sell a phone of some type in the future.

  • http://technovia.typepad.com Ian Betteridge

    Ronald, in what way was it misleading? As you’ll know from reading his follow up, twice as many people worldwide listen to music on mobiles as on dedicated portable players like the iPod. I don’t think that twice as many phones are being used as calculators.