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Flat worlds and conversations

Not often that I like to Strumpette, as it’s mostly crap, but in "Exposing-The-Communist-Blogifesto" she really gets so much right. Things really come alive in the comments, such as this one:

With regard to the "conversation," it is inextricably tied to the “flat world” concept. And that is rife with problems.

Here, there’s a Nobel Prize winner that lives in my building. I intimately know a man who has taken college level physics classes. Now in academic circles (very hierarchical) the system can very readily differentiate between the two. In flat world, it just can’t. Slashdot is not an educated jury.

However, the flat world can rally Jeff’’s 6 million people with pitch forks and torches very well. But there’s no depth. That, by definition, is a mob. Mobs like takin property. Mobs like hangins.

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