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Marc’s Voice � Blog Archive � Question confusion and clarification

Sometimes you read a comment and end up wondering how anyone can have made it. That was my reaction when reading Marc Canter’s post on Question confusion and clarification, where he mentioned this:

I myself don’t see any difference between the web and the blogosphere – but I guess that’s pretty echo chamber-like.  Jay comes from a world of academia and asking questions like that (I guess) spurns interesting dialectic.  But what I heard was a statement claiming that the blogosphere should be or is different, separate or [insert adjective here].  I just don’t see it like that.

The blogosphere IS the web.

I was going to write some long screed on this, and then I just decided that Marc’s word ought to speak for themselves. If you’re not shaking your head in amazement at his comment that"the blogosphere IS the web" then… well. Just check Yahoo!’s traffic figures and tell me that the blabosphere is the web.


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