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MacBook Pro: Hot or Not?

The Apple Blog has an interesting story on why Macbook Pros Are Hot:

Over at the Something Aweful forums, a user has pointed out that one of the reasons the Macbook Pro gets so hot is because of a misapplication of thermal grease. Now you can read the full article with pictures, or the instructions to disassemble your Macbook Pro yourself; but it does appear to have taken the temperature from about 55 degrees down to 39 degrees. This may void your warranty, so take extreme caution in attempting to do this, you do not want to destroy a $2500 computer.

I won’t be trying this myself: so far, I’ve found my MacBook to be pretty cool-running. The only exception to this is when the DVD drive is running, when the heat – and the noise – crank up quite a lot.

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  • James Bailey

    Mine is fine. It is on my lap right now and is relatively cool to the touch. Want to crank up the heat? Type this in a couple of terminal windows (two windows so it will use both cores):

    echo ‘scale=5000;4*a(1);’ |time bc -q -l

    That will time the calculation of Pi to 5000 digits. It really cranks up the heat. You can set the scale to any arbitrary value.

    So I have no need of the Something Awful hack but I did appreciate the MacBook Pro service manual even if Apple doesn’t want me to have it :)

  • cynthia Negron

    Or you can just update the firmware. I runs a lot cooler after that.

  • Nick CLARKE

    Ian, my MBPro is currently running at 66c when I was installing XP laST week this jumped to over 70c – okay for the winter terrible for the summer. Nick