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And back again

After a long while basically using Windows-only, I finally caved in today and bought a new Mac. A new MacBook Pro, to be precise – the 2GHz version with lots of bells, whistles, and so on.

Why go back to a Mac? First of all, because it’s also a Windows machine – thanks to its ability to dual boot. I still have a Windows desktop, so I can still use that for most of my Windows-using needs.

So far, so very, very nice. More reports will, no doubt, be on the horizon.

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  • James Bailey

    Love mine. The best computer I’ve ever owned. I’ve seen none of the problems that many have reported with whining noises and overheating. I might even purchase a copy of XP just because I can. I wish Boot Camp worked with Windows 2000 but I guess you can’t have everything (where would you put it all?)

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