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Writely gets better and better

Writely gets better and better

A while ago, I wrote about Writely, the web-based word processor that includes some neat collaborative features, along with the ability to post to blogs and do about a dozen other things. The good news is that Writely just keeps getting better and better, adding features like word counting and comments. The bad news? There really isn’t any. 
All of which raises the question of whether anyone actually needs a word processor on their hard drive anymore. I’m wedded to Word for my day-to-day work, and I like having control over my documents. Although I like having them available anywhere through a web interface, being able to edit them and post them to blogs as and when I want is also a great bonus. 

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  • http://www.recedinghairline.co.uk Christopher Phin

    I’m a big fan of Writely, too, and its handling of imported Word or OpenOffice documents is generally very good – certainly good enough for all word processing documents I ever create.

    I guess it’s a psychological thing: the idea of someone else deciding – or, indirectly, having the decision made for them through hardware failure – on the safety of your files is anathema to many users. But then, having had a few hard disk scares and computer failures recently, despite the fact that I am very good at backup up to various destinations, the knowledge that, say, my wedding photos were safely archived remotely on Flickr was a nice reassurance in the back of my mind.