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Testing posting to Typepad from

Testing posting to Typepad from Writely.

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  • ErzacaKrivsha

    Hi guys ? :)

    I am newb with Mac and I was thinking about downloading youtube.

    Never did it with my dell pc. BUT

    this evening, I used a util moviesherlock (http://www.moviesherlock.com/http://www.MovieSherlock.com or somethng like this, please contact me if I am wrong with url).

    It converts more than 57 movies with single click!

    But what is bad – the package is too easy no extended options :( But I want to copy downloaded movies to my ipod or add to itunes library.

    How you guys solve the problem?

    BTW: I am very amazed with my macbook air, much more than with dell. He is so amazing and touchines…

    I took an IQ test and the results were negative.

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