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LowriWorld: A Follow Up

A few days ago, I posted something responding to Lowri Turner’s column which stated that gay people weren’t fit for public office. In it, I mentioned that Lowri had issued divorce proceedings against her then-husband, Paul Connew, on the grounds of his adultery. It turns out that I was mistaken in this – I’d misread this report, which confusingly put a quote about Lowri Turner directly after a description of Lowri Hartson’s divorce. Thankfully, Paul Connew emailed me to put me right, and I’m happy to correct the mistake.

In fact, according to Paul, he was the one who filed for divorce on the grounds of Turner’s "unreasonable behaviour". He also won joint custody, care and residence of the couple’s two children. Paul seems like a thoroughly reasonable chap, and I’m sorry if my post dredged up any pain for him.

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  • anonymous

    that is cos paul connew is still so bitter about the split that he constantly googles his ex-wife’s name to keep tabs on her so he is v capable at “dredging up his (own) pain”!

    whether he filed for divorce or not i do not know but lowri left him, not the other way round. and like the true gentleman that he is, he took her to the cleaners in the divorce court.

    still think he is a “thoroughly reasonable chap”

  • http://technovia.typepad.com Ian Betteridge

    Yes, given the way that he behaved towards me I do. Lowri may well have “left him”. The reasons for that, I have no idea – it could be because of how he behaved, it could be because she was seeing someone else, or it could be a hundred other reasons – some of which reflect badly on her, some on him. However, her “unreasonable behaviour” is the reason granted for the divorce.

    I note that you remain “anonymous”, by the way, which leads me to take you comments less seriously than I otherwise might. I don’t like anonymous commentors: if you have the courage of your own convictions, speak with your own name.