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Spam – solved?

Todd Bishop writes about whether the spam problem has been solved, as Bill Gates predicted it would be:

Two years after Bill Gates’ famous statement about solving e-mail in two years, has the problem been solved? The short answer is that Microsoft says yes, based on its definition of the word, while others say no.

Yes, it all depends on definitions. I have both Hotmail and Gmail accounts, and both effectively eliminate the vast majority of spam before it hits my inbox. Gmail gets to handle more, as I’ve had the account longer – an average of 20-30 spam messages a day, looking back in the Spam folder. I rarely see more than one every couple of weeks make it through to the inbox. Hotmail gets less spam to it (it’s a newer account) but handles it equally well. If you rely on client-side solutions, like the spam filters in Apple Mail or Outlook alone, you probably see more, but still not that many.

So, to the extent that I very rarely see spam hit my inbox, the technology companies seem to have done their bit towards solving the problem. I have no idea how, under these circumstances, spammers make money.

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