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Computer makers – stop this please!

After Kim’s post about the insane software crap that comes with peripherals, it’s worth reminding ourself that computer makers are at least as stupid. Omar Shahine recounts his story in “my sony vaio”:

I LOVE this laptop for many reasons. It’s sexy, small (and I mean small), light, has the thinnest LCD I have ever seen. I HATE this laptop for the reasons I hate all Sony laptops. They took over 6 GB of my 60GB hard drive for the “recovery partition” I understand if this machine had no CD drive, but it has one, and the cost to burn a DVD with the OS and restore software can’t be more than a buck. The kind of company that skimps on a buck is questionable. And of course, the minute I booted the laptop I knew I had to flatten it cause it was rat infested with OEM crapware.

So, off to create restore disks I go. Sony included software to burn the recovery partition to 7 CDs. That took an hour. Then I installed Windows, and proceeded to install about 15 “utilities” and “drivers” to get the laptop to function. Some of the utilities didn’t install properly and I could not get the power management software to install. To give sony credit, they make the process of downloading the bits easy compared to other guys. But installing is a nightmare of orchestrated instructions that resulted in failure (and I’m not a dumb guy).

My own experience is similar. Despite costing as much as a new PowerBook, my Vaio didn’t come with install discs – you have to make your own (thankfully it has a DVD burner so at least it’s easier than Omar’s experience). There’s a huge slew of software on it that I don’t want, and that, in some cases – SonicStage, I’m looking at you – I can’t even work out how to uninstall.

In fact, I’m off now to have another go. Let’s see if we can get rid of this crippleware crap.

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  • James Bailey

    You bought from Sony after the Rootkit debacle and you expected something else?