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Google feed API

Niall Kennedy has an exclusive on Google’s plans to open up the API to its news feed system:

Google plans to offer a feed reader API to allow third-party developers to build new views of feed data on top of Google’s backend. The new APIs will include synchronisation, feed-level and item-level tagging, per-item read and unread status, as well as rich media enclosure and metadata handling.

If correct, this will put Google in direct competition with NewsGator, which currently offers synchronisation for subscribers across several clients (one of which will be NetNewsWire, the most popular Mac client and one of the most popular on any platform). It’ll be interesting to see how NewsGator responds to this, although having three popular clients (NewsGator for Outlook, FeedDemon and NetNewsWire) will obviously help.

I’ve recently been experimenting with NewsGator for Outlook again, and it’s reminded me of what an outstanding client FeedDemon is – I’ll be switching back very soon.

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