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Ecto and BlogJet

I’ve been a long-standing user of BlogJet for most of of my blog postings. It’s easy to use, includes pretty much every feature that you could want, and just works. However, there’s been one feature that’s annoyed me: its handling of multiple blogs. Although all the features you could want are there – posting to multiple blogs at the same time, editing posts – they’re hidden behind the interface, rather than exposed by it.

Having also used the excellent Ecto on Mac, I decided to have a look at Ecto for Windows, and it’s a very nice little application. It handles multiple blogs with an interface that makes sense, borrowing from the “three pane” approach of email, so it’s easy to flip from blog to blog, and includes Technorati tagging. It doesn’t (as far as I can work out) let you post to more than one blog at the same time, but it’s a simple cut and paste job to do this so it’s not a problem. And I’d certainly give credit for support. I had a problem with posting to an MSN Spaces account, mentioned this in a comment on Adriaan’s blog, and within minutes had Alex Hung (who writes the Windows version) emailing me to get more details. The problem doesn’t look like it’s been solved yet (it’s a problem with MSN rather than Ecto), but the fact that Alex was on the case so quickly gives me confidence that it will be.

For the moment, because of the issue with Spaces, I’m sticking with BlogJet, but I’ll look again at Ecto once it’s been fixed.

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  • http://www.mineblogging.com/ Alex

    Thanks for the post. I’ve updated ecto with a workaround so now it works with MSN Spaces. Check out version 1.8.8. Still no image upload and MSN Spaces doesn’t handle automatic linebreaks so you’ll have to type in all the paragraph tags yourself :( Still, the WYSIWYG editing version of ecto is coming along nicely so very soon you won’t need to worry about HTML if you don’t want to.