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13.3-inch iBook and Plaxo for Mac

Think Secret has a round-up report on a new 13.3in widescreen iBook and Plaxo for Mac.

The 13.3-inch widescreen iBook is said to sport a WXGA resolution of 1280×720, serving up about 15 percent more pixels than the current 14.1-inch model. Sources also note that the 12.1-inch model will continue to live on in iBook form factor, but that its days are numbered as a PowerBook configuration.

This is great news, if true. One of the nicest things about my latest Sony laptop is the 13in widescreen, which feels miles bigger than a 12in without having the bulk of a 14in.

Also good news is the prospect of Plaxo for Mac. Plaxo is a great service that lets you synchronise your Outlook contacts with their servers while helping keep everything up to date – any of your contacts who’s a Plaxo member is automatically updated whenever they change their details. A Mac client that syncs to Address Book would be a major bonus for me, as – finally! – I’d have all my contacts synced across all the platforms that I use.

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    whats the bets the new intel iBooks come in black as well as white

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