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Testing posting from Flock

Oh boy. Oh boy oh boy. So far, we are liking Flock very much.

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  • http://husk.org/blog/ Paul Mison

    Three crashes in ten minutes, combined with an inability to find my weblog’s posting interface, and I gave up on it. Maybe it’s more stable on Windows than 10.3.

    Admittedly it’s a first labelled-as-developer release, so it’s not a blanket “I’ll never use this!” refusal, but it’s hard to get enthusiastic about it if it doesn’t actually work.

  • http://technovia.typepad.com Ian Betteridge

    I should probably have mentioned that I was using it on OS X 10.3. I didn’t get the crashes, but it’s clearly a “version 0.1” – but worth keeping an eye on.

  • IanM

    I’d be a lot more excited about it if I could work out what the hell it is and what it does.

    Their website could do with making their project a little less ambiguous.

  • Duncan Corps

    I went to the web page to see what it is. Aaargh! My eyes! My poor, wonderful eyes, seered down to the nerves!

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