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OpenOffice Mac and NeoOffice/J

Ongoing talks about OpenOffice Mac Sanity, and mentions that Patrick Luby, who’s involved in the NeoOffice/J project (which, in case you don’t know it, is an already working port of OpenOffice Mac) says that “the people who’ve been supporting his work are threatening to cut him loose.”

This is nuts: the last time the main folk behind OpenOffice tried to work on a port, the whole effort collapsed. Patrick and his fellow NeoOffice/J coders have already got a working version, and I have no idea why anyone would fail to support that. NeoOffice/J is here, now, and is more than good enough – check it out if you want a free, fully-featured alternative to Microsoft Office.

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  • http://macguru.biz/ Christopher J Smith

    Without the current version of NeoOffice there will be no NeoOffice 2.0 or anything else. Thus there will only be one way to pursue the Open Office port since other than Neo it’s a failure.