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Oh no! A Microsoft!

Jensen Harris of the Microsoft Office team posts a great little story about his first encounter with the dreaded Microsoft, when he was a kid learning BASIC on a Tandy Color Computer:

I was playing around one day, and I typed “CLS 9” (maybe hoping for an additional undocumented color.)To my horror, the screen cleared, and at the top of the screen, the system printed:

As quickly as I could, I reached for the power button and turned off the system.
I also unplugged it from the wall. I knew I was in big trouble, I had
caused a MICROSOFT in the system and some of the parts had probably already melted.
In my little kid mind, I thought a MICROSOFT must have meant that the actual
chips inside the computer started to melt and become soft due to overheating.
And that I caused that overheating by trying a number with “CLS” that I knew
was out of bounds.
I waited at least half an hour before gingerly turning the system back on… to
my great relief, it booted up just fine to OK and the flashing cursor.
I was saved! I never had to tell my mom that I made a MICROSOFT in the
family room.

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