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Cillit Non-Bang

The unerring inability of marketers to misunderstand their market never ceases to amaze me. In The first contact with my father in 28 years.. my friend Tom describes how he found that someone posted a comment on a sensitive post he’d made about his first contact for many years with his genetic father. The only thing was that the "poster" was in fact a fictional character created as part of a viral marketing campaign for Cillit Bang, a cleaning product – with a link back to the fake blog supporting that campaign.
This is stupidity on so many levels it beggars belief. First of all, it’s not particularly effective: The days when comment spamming blogs raised your Google juice are long gone. Second, it’s crass on a personal level: it’s genuinely upset Tom, who’s having a rought time dealing with this anyway. Third, it’s likely to backfire massively – something that surely should have been foreseen.

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