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Vista sidebar on XP

Link: Technology, Books and Other Neat Stuff – Vista Sidebar will be on Windows XP.

A demo in a session on Gadget development for Windows Vista here at the Microsoft PDC just showed the Windows Vista Sidebar running on Windows XP. I’m guessing that WinFX will be a prerequisite, but still that dramatically increases the potential audience for Gadgets.

This is starting to make me wonder what the point of Vista is. So much of it is being back-ported to Windows XP that the only things left are the security aspects – sandboxing applications, for example – and even then it won’t work with some old apps.

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  • bla

    How do I download the vista side bar for xp??

  • Bla


    I didn’t read it!

    Thanks alot! 😀

  • bla

    It doesn’t work!!