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OneNote 12

Some really cool stuff is coming down the line in OneNote 12, according to  Chris_Pratley’s OneNote WebLog. The best bit for me? Indexing of audio and video content:

Audio and Video you have recorded or placed in OneNote will also get indexed (Video is indexed by the audio stream). This is some cool MSR technology from our lab in Beijing that we’re quite pleased to have. The way this works is pretty cool. The audio is converted from waveforms to phonetic equivalents, and those are indexed. You can type your search term, then this is converted by OneNote into a phonetic equivalent which searches against the phonetic index of the audio. Actually this is a gross oversimplification but you get the idea. You can use this to search your notes for a particular voice note you took, or to find the point in an hour-long interview when a particular word is mentioned (way better than fast forwarding and rewinding to find a spot)

My only concern is whether OneNote’s file structure can cope with god knows how many embedded podcasts in a notebook!

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