Mac email clients – what do you use?

Giles Turnbull has a vent over the sad lack of decent email clients on the Mac. Personally I haven’t had many problems with Mail, but plenty of people I know can’t stand it.
One decent option is PowerMail. I haven’t tried version 5, but version 4 was an excellent option – more than I needed from a mail client (hence my return to Mail) but very good for the power user.

  • Nick Miners

    Your old mucker Simon Aughton swears by GyazMail, which looks like the Apple Mail client but has more features.

  • Ian Betteridge

    Ahh, that one I haven’t tried – thanks for the link (and I must hassle Simon some time soon!)

  • Joe Clark

    You’ve produced underlined text, but not a link.

  • Ian Betteridge

    Thank Joe – corrected now.