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Is Apple making progress in the enterprise?

There’s lots of headlines today linking to a Macworld story called "Analysts: Apple making inroads in Enterprise market". However, a closer reading of the story leads to a somewhat different conclusion.
Here’s the key analyst quote:

"[Apple’s] focus has been in a couple of key verticals, especially in
markets like digital media — you can’t go anywhere without having
Apple in that market," IDC analyst Kelly Quinn, told MacCentral. "They
have done a really good job of penetrating that market — some of the
scientific and technical markets are a crossover from that because of
the high-powered computing aspects."

So, in fact, what the analyst is saying is that Apple has done well in the server space in its traditional strongholds of digital media. So where does this claim that Apple is making headway in the enterprise market come from?

Why, from Apple of course.

"Nobody has the penetration we’re seeing in these key vertical
markets that are so important to Apple, but just as significant is the
non-Mac space," said Alex Grossman, Apple director of product
management, server hardware. Those non-Mac markets include corporate customers and other markets
that do not run in an end-to-end Apple environment. Grossman said that
approximately 40 percent of Apple’s Xserve RAID shipments are going to
non-Mac or heterogeneous environments.

So, in other words, analysts aren’t saying what Macworld claims they’re saying – Apple is saying it. Just so you know.

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  • machead

    We will never play in the enterprise until Steve says so. He’ll never say so.

  • http://nickminers.co.uk Nick Miners

    It’s like when the Daily Mail says: ‘Outrage as blah blah’ or ‘Anger at blah blah’ – usually it’s just Daily Mail journalists doing the outrage or anger…