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Charles on… Mac crazies

Yes, I know. I shouldn’t feed the trolls. But I really can’t resist. I’ve occasionally commented in the past on the fact that Apple appears to attract more than its fair share of completely disfunctional fanatics. But, as yet, I haven’t quite had any like Charles Arthur has had since a couple of posts on The Register about the iPod nano scratch story.

There’s lots of the standard school-yard insults that head his way, from "faggot" to "puffer". My favourite, though, is the poster who warns him "Don’t ever use negative terms and Apple computer in the same sentence.  Or your computer will shock you in your mind like a lab monkey!" At least that has some wit.

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  • http://www.charlesarthur.com/blog/ Charles

    Ah, should have been clearer – it’s all the same person, except he becomes increasingly maddened. I’ll edit the post.