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The Mouse That Roared

Apple brings out a new mouse. But it’s a Mighty Mouse.
I’m more than happy, though, with my Starck Design Mouse.

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  • betty snake

    the mighty mouse is rather thrilling as it has a speaker in it. i don’t phillip starck and his stupid lemon squeezer. pah to your lemon squeezer.

  • http://profile.typekey.com/adders/ Adam Tinworth

    Fond as I am of my Starck mouse, its lack of whiteness when compared to the rest of my iMac setup has annoyed me. I suspect I’ll be picking up a Mighty Mouse for home, and using the Starck mouse at work, where it’ll sure beat the default mice we have at the mag.

  • http://mildlydiverting.blogspot.com/ k

    …but let’s face it, you really want the apple one now, don’t you?

    /me checks wallett…

  • http://technovia.typepad.com Ian Betteridge

    No, I like the Starck one better. Someone very very special bought it for me :)

  • http://chrisphin.mindsay.com Christopher Phin

    And Mighty Nice it is too. I bought one this morning, and am generally impressed. Incidentally, did you know that Apple has apparently actually licensed the name ‘Might Mouse’?

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