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The Google Talk client

Joe Wilcox: Too Much Talk

Google Talk, on the other hand, in its first beta incarnation isn’t as relationship focused. Sure, there is integration with GMail, but why not Blogger or Picasa? The name is apt. Right now, it’s just talk, with IM or voice.

My eleven year-old’s reaction, and I quote word for word: “This stinks. This is the dumbest thing in the world. Who wants to do IM without cool backgrounds or smileys or anything?”

Joe is completely right about the lack of integration with other services. Picasa I can understand – but Blogger? At present there’s more integration between a Microsoft product – Word, via the Blogger plug in – than with Google Talk.

Like Joe, though, I like the Google Talk steamlined interface. And it’s given me another reason to take a look at Google Desktop Search.

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  • http://mildlydiverting.blogspot.com/ k

    Uh, but Blogger was bought up by google. And has an API, iirc. And has sort of been around longer than 24 hours.

    Then again, google are spectacularly poor at integrating their products – a bit like another new media behemoth a bit closer to home ;-))